How to Do an Office Romance Right

How to Do an Office Romance Right

Office romances don’t have to lead to misery at the workplace! Here are some tips on how to do an office romance right:

Married is a no-no — If he/she is married or in a relationship, run for the hills! It can lead to some serious problems, and can give you a bad reputation. Make sure the other person is single before engaging in anything.

Be sure — The last thing you want is a sexual harassment suit because you misinterpreted the signals! Be sure that he/she is actually hitting on you or making advances before you make a move.

Keep it subtle — You’d be amazed by how un-subtle flirting can be, even when you think you’re being as discreet as possible. If you’re going to flirt at the office, dial up the discretion to an 11. It won’t just make it more tempting, but it will help you stay out of trouble with the bosses.

Be careful with in-office sex — Having sex in the workplace can be hot and steamy, but it can also lead to instant dismissal. If you’re going to do it on premises, make sure you’re someplace where you won’t be caught–either in person or on-camera. If you’re not sure, avoid it!

Trust people sparingly — You never know which colleagues you can trust. You want to stay out of the office gossip, so only confide in those you know for certain are trustworthy.

Be careful with your look — Don’t overdo it to show off for your romantic interest, as that will make it very clear to others what’s going on. If you do engage in some in-office fun, make sure there are no traces: lipstick on your collar, buttons out of place, etc.

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