Date Night: Dance the Night Away

Date Night: Dance the Night Away

There’s nothing quite like a date night spent out and about, dancing, enjoying yourselves, and living it up party style!

First, you’ll want to find a club that plays the right kind of music. She may not be into the more common types of party music (mainly EDM these days), but she may be more of an old-school hip hop, Latin, or trance kind of person. It may take some work, but it’s worth finding a club that plays the kind of music she likes.

It’s a good idea to roll up to the club fairly early if you don’t want to stand in line. You’ll have an easier time getting in if the club is still trying to pack out. Don’t forget to bring enough cash for all your drinks, tips, and coat check!

Food and Drink: Drinks at the club are going to be pricey, so you may want to “pre-game” it at home. Make a few mixed drinks, break out the beer, or open a bottle of wine. Have something to eat as well–you’re going to need energy to dance the night away. Don’t worry about drinking and driving; you can always call a cab or Uber to take you to and from the club.

Ambience: The music is the most important element for setting the mood. Find out what kind of music she likes to dance to, and be CERTAIN that the club you’re hitting up actually plays that music. Not all clubs play the same music on the same night.

Other Important Items: Be willing to spend a bit more. It’s not every weekend that you go out dancing, so bring a bit of extra cash to spend on more drinks.

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